Pilates Studio Sotogrande is powered and driven by inspirational people who are dedicated to making a difference to your life. Our team has made of Pilates a way of life. We are professional instructors willing to continue learning and sharing our knowledge with you. BASI Pilates ® is one of the most demanded Pilates Method training at the moment by clients and professional instructors.

We also have specific training to work with pregnant and post-natal woman, people lucky enough to have pass the age of 65, people with injuries, athletes, teenagers and kids.

“Never stop learning” – Norman Foster

Reformer workout @ DARTE Pilates ® en Sotogrande


Pilates instructor / Founder of Pilates Studio Sotogrande

Yovanka is Spanish and a BASI Pilates ® certified Pilates instructor for mat and apparatus. She speaks and teaches in Spanish, English and French.

Yovanka & her team focus on WHY your body has adopted the strategy it is using to move the way it is moving. Our bodies are amazing machines that adapt constantly to survive. 

We employ a number of cutting-edge, integrated therapeutic and movement approaches, including Pilates Contemporary, Classical & Therapeutic, NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Immaculate Dissection (ID) and Anatomy in Motion (AiM).

We aim to help your brain and body figure out what’s working well, what’s not working so well…and what you can do about it to get things back in balance so you can feel and move better.

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