At Pilates Studio Sotogrande all classes are taught using Pilates equipment. The Pilates machines are all different but they share similarities as they all help or challenge you using sets of springs, straps and barres.

BASI Systems ®


We have equipped our studio with the latest Pilates equipment machines. These machines were created by Rael Isacowitz founder of BASI Pilates ® and handcrafted by BASI Systems ® in Turkey.

We chose them because they are true to the original Pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates but with the added technology and modifications brought by Rael Isacowitz founder of BASI Pilates ®.

You must come & try them!


The trapeze table or cadillac, is a Pilates machine designed by Joseph Pilates similar to an elevated bed with barres, springs and straps to help or challenge you in the execution of the Pilates exercise repertoire.

The BASI Systems ® trapeze table is wider and longer than the original ones allowing more space for the people using it. They offer more flexibility in the barres, springs and straps positions which gives more levels of intensity to the resistances . You can also add the F2 System to all the equipment.

You are going to love it!


The Reformer is probably the most known piece of Pilates equipment. Most Pilates studios offer Reformer classes.

As the trapeze table, the reformer is similar to a bed but here the bed is on a platform that moves. Springs, straps and barres help or challenge depending on the objective of the exercise.

The BASI Systems ® reformer is also wider and longer than the original equipment, the height of the straps is adjustable and it also allows the use of the F2 System.

A unique reformer!


The arm-chair (Avalon) is a new machine created by Rael Isacowitz founder of BASI Pilates ® using the barrel created by Joseph Pilates.

Rael Isacowitz adds a fix box and a moveable one with springs and straps to help or challenge you while performing the exercises of the Pilates repertoire.

We are very few studios to offer this piece of Pilates equipment.

Take advantage of it!


The chair or Wunda Chair is another piece of the original Pilates equipment created by Joseph Pilates. It looks like a chair with a pedal you can split to work more on the asymmetries. It looks like the easiest piece of equipment to use but that is far from truth!

What a challenge!


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