Dear clients,
I hope you are staying healthy and grounded during these unpredictable times.
As of March 23d, I will be offering  live, online Pilates Mat classes via Zoom as an alternative to the regular classes you were attending at the studio.
I understand that mindfully moving your body is one of the best ways to stay healthy both physically and mentally right now and as we are all locked in our houses it is difficult to move enough.
How Online Pilates Mat Classes work:  
It is easy- all you need is a computer with wi-fi and a mat!
You will sign up through Whatsapp or email and can pay through Revolut, Paypal or Bank Transfer.
These Mat group classes will have a length of 50 minutes and a flat rate of 10€ per class that you will need to pay when booking the class. If you are having financial difficulties and will prefer me to deduct from any credit you actually have at the studio I am happy to do so but will appreciate if you could just pay those separately as using the actual credit being different per class will give me a huge amount of extra work.

Approximately 5-10 min prior to your class you will receive an invite to join the class with a link to click that will take you to a live video, you will see me live cueing the exercises and I will have you on my screen to correct you while you perform them. This invite will be sent to the e-mail address you used to sign up, so please use the same email address I use to contact you. If it is your first time doing a virtual mat class and using Zoom, you will need to download ZOOM onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. (We recommend doing so at least 30 minutes before class to trouble shoot any technical difficulties prior to class time. You will be asked to create your own personal account.)

Set yourself up in a quiet space with a strong internet signal, your mat and any props or prop alternatives you have. (Folded hand towels work great as head pillows.)

You will be able to interact with me (and other students) at the beginning which will help us connect and personalize the class for your needs. However, once you are in and the class has begun, please Select ‘Mute’ in the bottom left corner of the meeting so everyone in class doesn’t hear your background noise. I will remind you!

On Sunday the 22nd @ 11am we could all have a coffee meeting via Zoom to test that we are all able to connect and understand how it works. Let me know if you wish to attend.
Privates or Duets
If you are interested in online privates or duets Pilates Mat classes, please contact me to schedule, prices of the private sessions and duet will remain the same so if your account is in credit no need to pay for those, I will just deduct till new payment is needed. Private sessions will be 55 minutes as usual but on the Mat using the props you have at home.
Sending you love and light. Stay in touch and be well.
You will be the first to know when we are allowed to re-open our doors.